Wednesday, 28 October 2015

With or Without You

Every short-term and long-term traveller faces a dilemma. Not of whether they would like to travel alone or with someone; but of what items to carry along with them on their trip.

With each passing day and week, I now have an inbuilt, mental checklist:
  • High-level travel plan - check
  • Inform government about extended absence - check
  • Credit cards - local - check
  • Financial plan - check
  • Flights - arrangements in progress
  • Travel insurance - research in progress
  • Vaccinations - booked
  • All gear and meds purchased and packed - soon, my dear well wisher, soon
  • Apps downloaded for smoother travel and ongoing blogging - super check
  • Visas - stay duration less than 90 days in each country - only 2 travel authorities required close to departure date - check

Nerve-wrecking anticipation - CHECK!

Each item has required extensive research to find the best product at the best price. Keep in mind the regional estimates and conversion rates, and my need to have a portable self-care plan that doesn't leave an environmental footprint for one full year! If this sounds overwhelming, you have no idea! 

Yet the day to day activities continue at the same time. The dentist appointments, the job, the daily travel by public transport. Each night though, I peer from under my blanket, past my window and my curtains, and see my moon in all its shapes, sizes, and colours. I appreciate my tiny room, and the trees beyond my backyard, the clouds in the sky, and I wonder how I will feel travelling and sleeping for an extended period of time, watching a different set of curtains, in a different bed, and watching the moon from a different angle. And I remember some quotes that have become my mantra:

We have nothing to fear but fear itself
The question is not about whether; but how
Nothing is impossible
Plan for the worst but hope for the best

These quotes are meaningless without the warm embrace of encouragement from my family, friends, and new acquaintances and their belief in my passion for travel, my stubbornness, and my ability to live my dreams. Each one of us has encountered someone or someones who have supported them to actualize their desires, live up their fullest potential, and inspire others near and far.

These are my companions without which I cannot travel. My source of inspiration and perseverance. 

Who is it that has inspired you? Who are your supporters? Please do leave a comment below to share your stories and the types of advice you have received from your champions.

With each comment, I hope my list of who I bring along with me virtually grows, and that you live vicariously through me, With or Without Me by your side....

Pleasant dreams!

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

And Then There Were Three

I'm closing in fast on my travel date and my feelings are toggling between fear and excitement with each passing day.


Because I have always maintained a delicate balance between spontaneity while in my home city and arduous planning while travelling solo. And now, I will be testing my inherent nature... Travelling for a year with no plan and limited finances.

As I write this, I am excited about the possibilities this holds. Yet just yesterday, I was gripped by strong emotions that I would miss home, and what would I do if I fell sick or found myself in unsafe situations!

I will be writing this blog to track my travels and document stories about the wonderful people I meet along the way, plus any travel tips you seek.

Your wish is my command!

My stories will span the people I meet as I volunteer, my passion project that I will reveal soon, and my travel experiences that I so enjoy. And so there will be three.

So please stay tuned...

And in the spirit of many a powerful movie before this blog - Goodnight World! Goodnight Home! And Goodnight Family!