Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Behind the Looking Glass

Imagine. You are standing in front of a clock, round, with 12 hour hands and 60 minute hands. Take one step towards the clock. The hour hands begin to take shape; forming arms and legs. Another step forward. The heads of the hour hands transform into faces of travellers known to you; travellers who inspire you. Another step forward. The minute hands form words so miniscule, you can only imagine they are the stories narrated by these travellers.

Drawn into a trance, you take a few more steps forward and have now entered the insides of the clocks, watching the wheels turn. But wait. You hear whispering.
"Psst; Not that photo. How about this one". "There's this one too". "Yes, that one looks good". Sudden silence. A flash. You look down at your clothes and see images playing on them. Turning around, you are surrounded by an aurora borealis of colours. The colours form inverted images, infinitely bigger than you, on the backside of the clock face.

The images make no sense to you. But you hear gasps from outside the clock. "Wow; that's where she went". "Oh so beautiful". "I wish I could go there". You suddenly realize the projected images are yours; the compliments on the outside are for you. You smile and whisper to yourself, "thank you".

I smile and I whisper  "thank you".

My favourite new Merrell footwear

This post is dedicated to the readers of my blog, who have shared my posts, supported me through my travels, and together built up my views to 5,000 this month!

There have been times where I have been busy travelling, fallen sick, or needed to support my family and friends in need. This has meant a long hiatus in blogging. There are also times I am unable to share parts of my travel to ensure the privacy of those I meet.

In all my travels, one fact holds true. Despite the struggles that I have seen people face (physical illness, mutilation, meagre finances, exploitation, and depression), communities build people.

You have continued to read and build my readership, and I thank you as my own community for your love and support! Au revoir until my next post!

I will continue to update you more regularly on my facebook page "One Woman Empowered", and my Instagram account "@onewomanempowered".

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